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Whiter Teeth… just $280! Save up to $120!

How can we make an offer like this?

Simple! We get you and your teeth ready then you do the 15 minute whitening touch at home! When you like and how often you like.

Here’s how we get you started on whiter teeth!

  • First we’ll do a thorough examination of your teeth to see that they are healthy and right for whitening with no gum disease or decay.
  • Next we’ll take an impression of your teeth so that we can give you the personalised gear you’ll need to get your teeth beautifully white.
  • Then, a “scale and clean” will remove tartar and plaque that even careful brushing and flossing doesn’t remove plus tooth cleaning and polishing to give your teeth the best possible start for your personal whitening program.
  • And finally we’ll give you some tips on how to keep your teeth really clean so what you eat and drink doesn’t spoil their whiteness and sparkle.

Now here’s all you do for whiter looking teeth!