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Meet Dr Sonali Sharma (Dentist)

At Majestic Smiles, our goal is to provide patients with the best dental care possible. By bringing access to a team of exceptional dental professionals to our patients, we’re able to do just that, and the care offered by Dr Sonali Sharma, B.D.Sc, is no different.

Choosing Dentistry

Growing up with a passion to help people, it’s not a surprise that Dr Sonali ultimately decided that a career as a dentist was her calling, as it gives her a chance to positively impact the lives of many through restoring confidence and crafting unique, beautiful smiles. After graduating in 2005, she spent time working in both the public and private sectors before settling into Majestic Smiles. Here, Dr Sonali helps patients of all ages, from children to seniors, achieve healthy, straight teeth and a confident smile.

At Majestic Smiles, Dr Sonali’s care doesn’t end there. In fact, she aims to provide her dental patients with more than just a healthy mouth, empowering them to make positive choices through education when it comes to their oral hygiene.

Life in Lower Plenty

When Dr Sharma isn’t changing smiles in the practice, she enjoys spending time in the Lower Plenty community with her husband, Dr Shaw, and their two sons. Dr Sharma also revels in traveling, watching movies and diving into a good book.

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